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Admil Adhesives

…Specialists in Silicone, Sealants & Adhesives

Admil Adhesives is a supplier of high-quality professional silicones, sealants and adhesives to the industrial, glazing and construction markets along with various grades of silicone fluids to the manufacturing sector.

So when you are looking for a quality, consistent and professional sealant or adhesive grab your next cartridge of ADMIL sealant and adhesive from your local trade store.

Cheap quality Sealant


Designed for expansion joints on cladding systems and applications requiring high movement. A low modulus and high movement Silicone.

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GLAZING SILICONE – From general purpose to Structural applications, Admil have a silicone for your Glazing application.

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ALL PURPOSE SILICONE – Designed as a general purpose, High end silicone for applications from waterproofing to general sealing around the home and industrial applications.

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SOLAR SILICONE – Admil have a range of Solar Silicones. These are High Quality and hae been tested with many Solar applications and products throughout Australia and New Zealand for extreme Conditions.

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ACETIC SILICONE – Developed for the industiral and glazing market, the PROSIL 20 is ideal for colonial  joints or aquariums. 

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Transport | Marine

Admil Adhesives range of industrial grade sealants for transport, marine and manufacturing has been designed with performance in mind.

Joint Sealing

Admil Adhesives SUPASEAL PU and PROSIL 41LM are the go to for the cladding industry.


The PROSIL range of silicones are 100% high grade silicone designed for professionals for all waterproofing applications.


PROSIL 30 and PROSIL 60 are industry leaders in the glazing market. 100% high grade silicone.

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