Admil Adhesives supply a full range of functional sealants for the glazing and construction industry. From a one part high grade neutral cure silicone sealant for weather sealing and general applications, through to two-part silicone sealants for structural glazing and Insulated Glazing manufacturing systems. 

When you are looking for the best Glazing silicone on the market, be sure to contact Admil Adhesives to discuss your requirements. 

Our Products


Category Application Product Features View Product
One-Part Silicone Weather Seal Shin-Etsu Sealant 72N Medium Modulus Click to view
One-Part Silicone Structural SSG Shin-Etsu Sealant 90N High Modulus Click to view
Two-Part Silicone Insulated Glass Sealant Shin-Etsu Sealant FC-312 High Modulus Fast Cure Click to view
Two-Part Silicone Structural SSG Shin-Etsu Sealant FC-295-SG High Modulus Fast Cure Click to view


Applications Product Features View Product
Metals, Ceramics, Glass, Coated Aluminium Shin-Etsu Primer AQ-P Drying time: Over 10mins Click to view

Project Support Service (PSS)

Admil Adhesives, along with international support from Shin-Etsu, can provide technical service support through the project from drawing and print reviews at the beginning of your project to sealant application training and final inspection. Project quality can be easily managed by using our Project Support Service (PSS). 

Admil Adhesives is able to offer a selection of both sealants and primers tailored to fulfill the requirements of architectural façade applications including structural and insulated glazing.

Admil Adhesives can supply and assist with the full PSS support with the following forms. To take advantage of this service please contact your local Admil representative to discuss.


functional structural sealants

Download the Shin-Etsu Functional Sealant guide - Australia.