PROSIL 10 is a 100% high quality professional silicone designed for general purpose glazing, industrial, and automotive sealing applications where, excellent adhesion, long term reliability is required.


Potable Water approved as4020 Building approved BS5889 low VOC approved




Admil’s PROSIL 10 is a high quality 100% neutral curing silicone adhesive/sealant.

PROSIL 10 is designed for general purpose glazing, industrial, and automotive sealing applications where, excellent adhesion, long term reliability is required. It reacts with atmospheric moisture to produce a form in place silicone rubber seal. Weathering and UV resistance is excellent.


PROSIL 10 has excellent adhesion to most common building materials including glass, aluminium, galvanised steel, concrete, wood, ceramics, plastics, and more.

  • Low Slump
  • Superior Adhesion
  • Will not corrode metals
  • Complies with 5 Star Rating for VOC <5%


PROSIL 10 is ideal in applications such as:

  • General purpose glazing and weather sealing BS 5889 building approved
  • Roofing, gutters, and rainwater tanks AS4020 Approved Potable Water
  • Electrical sealing and insulation
  • Automotive, caravan, and truck body sealing, and assembly


Cure typeNeutral Cure (100%)
Skin Time5-10 mins
Cure Time2mm per day
Movement+/- 25%
Hardness28 Shore A
Operating Temp-60°C to 180°C
UsesInternal / External

  • LOW VOC (< 50 gm/l) In accordance with the Californian South Air Quality Management rule 1168
  • BS 5889 building approved
  • AS4020 Approved Potable Water


PROSIL 10 will have excellent adhesion to many substrates. Admil Adhesives always recommends to conduct “Pre-Adhesion” Tests on substrates to ensure adequate bond is achieved.

  • Glass
  • Aluminium
  • Galvanised steel
  • Concrete
  • Wood
  • Ceramics plastics
  • Most powder coatings
  • Fibreglass
  • Steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Zincalume
  • Roofing profiles



All surfaces must be clean, dry, sound, and free from dust, oil, rust, or any other contamination.

Metals should be cleaned with a non-oily solvent soaked clean cloth, such as PROSIL CLEANER 1. Excess solvent should be wiped from the surface with a clean dry cloth. When used on remedial work all existing sealant must be removed. In some instances further cleaning or etching maybe required.



PROSIL 10 comes in many colours to suit many trends and substrates.

TranslucentTranslucent Silicone sealant colour
BlackBlack silicone sealant
WhiteTranslucent Silicone sealant colour
GreyGrey Silicone Sealant
BrownBrown Silicone Sealant
Off WhiteOff White silicone sealant
Stone BeigeStone Beige Silicone Sealant
Classic WhiteOff White Silicone Sealant
Woodland GreyWoodland Grey Silicone sealant
IvoryIvory Silicone sealant
Aluminiumaluminium silicone sealant colour
Almond Ivoryalmond ivory silicone sealant
NEW - GraniteGranite silicone sealant

* Colours may vary without notice or be unavailable. Please call your local representative or office to find out more


Technical Datasheet

Safety Datasheet