PROSIL CLEANER 1 is an IPA cleaning system packaged in a convenient 300g Aerosol Can. Used to clean substrates prior to sealing with Admil branded silicone and sealants to ensure strong adhesion and performance..






PROSIL CLEANER 1 is a convenient 300gm aerosol cleaning agent to assist in adhesion prior to installing silicone and sealants.

Developed as a cleaner PROSIL CLEANER 1 should be in everyones tool box. Ideal to remove grease, oils and other contaminants as well as a cleaner of cured silicone to remove any dirt to bring it back to near new.


  • Aerosol Can
  • no contamination in container.


PROSIL CLEANER 1 is ideal in applications such as:

  • General purpose glazing and weather sealing preparation
  • Automotive, caravan, and truck body sealing, and assembly preparation


PROSIL CLEANER 1 is safe to use on many many substrates. However Admil Adhesives always recommends to conduct “Pre-test” on substrates to ensure no adverse effects are achieved.

  • Glass
  • Aluminium
  • Galvanised steel
  • Ceramics plastics
  • Most powder coatings
  • Fibreglass
  • Steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Zincalume
  • Roofing profiles



All surfaces must be clean, dry, sound, and free from dust, oil, rust, or any other contamination.

Metals should be cleaned with a non-oily solvent soaked clean cloth, such as PROSIL CLEANER 1. Excess solvent should be wiped from the surface with a clean dry cloth. When used on remedial work all existing sealant must be removed. In some instances further cleaning or etching maybe required.



Technical Datasheet

Safety Datasheet